Augmenting Art with Technology


Art++ aims to improve the experience of visitors in a museum gallery by proposing a new way of delivering information to them. Using augmented reality, Art++ will offer viewers an immersive and interactive learning experience by overlaying content directly on the objects through the viewfinder of a smartphone or tablet device.

This project is a collaboration between students at Stanford University and staff members of the Cantor Arts Center. The team works under the guidance of Connie Wolf, Director of the Cantor Arts Center, and Bernd Girod, Professor of Electrical Engineering, both at Stanford.


We would like to thank the Brown Institute for Media Innovation for supporting us. The Institute, which is a collaboration between Columbia University and Stanford University established in 2012, generously sponsors projects to develop new innovative ways of telling stories.


  • April 2014

    Magic grant application

  • May 2014

    Preparation of the first stories

  • Summer 2014

    Building the initial prototype

  • October 2014

    New York Times coverage

    Our work was featured in a piece about the digital revolution in the museum world: Museums Morph Digitally.

  • Fall 2014

    Expansion of the prototype with basic user interaction

  • Fall-Winter 2014-15

    Selection of artworks, research of the content

  • Winter 2015

    Draft of the user interface, mockups

  • Spring 2015

    Integration of the app with the curated content

  • Summer 2015

    User testing experiment, refinement of the user interface

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    of our


Jean-Baptiste Boin

Lead Developer/Architect

Asia Chiao

Content developer

Skanda Shridhar


Tanja Aitamurto

Lead of Design Research

Ahmed Cherif

Design Research Assistant

Chris Alexander

Cantor Digital Media Manager

Bernd Girod


Connie Wolf


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